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ActueFinder finds duplicate files on your computer. You can then delete or move the files
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Ingolfur Helgi Tryggvason
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7 October 2004

Publisher's description

AcuteFinder is a handy shareware utility that finds duplicate files on your computer. You can then delete the extra copies or move them to an archive directory, saving a lot of disk space. AcuteFinder does not only take into account items like file name, size or timestamp, but reads through possible duplicates and calculates their checksums. This way, it is guaranteed that the files are really identical, and you can delete the extra copies with full confidence. AcuteFinder can find files that have different names, like my.doc and Copy of my.doc. If files are of the same size and have the same checksum, they are considered identical. AcuteFinder uses by default CRC32, a 32-bit checksum, but you can choose to use MD5 hash (128-bit) as a final step in file comparison, for even more accuracy. Option to search in ZIP-files also. The list of duplicate files can be sorted, printed, exported and acted upon. Fast and easy way to clean up your disks! Includes tools to calculate checksum for any file, and find empty files or folders on your disk. Demo version is limited to: Number of files deleted/moved (100) and their size (100 kb). No time limit on personal use, but corporate users have 30 days to evaluate. Free 30 days unlimited trial-key on request.

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